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Meet the Bloody Popcorn Team:  Johnny & Joanna

Who is behind Bloody Popcorn? We’re a pair of horror fanatics.  First meeting and bonding at a Halloween party, we connected, became friends and ultimately got together.  You know.  A typical love story.

We developed the concept for Bloody Popcorn — just another horror fan site — several years ago.  Piece by piece, we keep adding to our dream.  Facebook here… reviewing movies.  And podcasting! The best part of it all?  Connecting with the horror community!

And now meet the youngest members of the Bloody Popcorn team:  Milo Mayhem (11) and Ash (8).

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Have something for us to review?  Or just want to bitch at us?  Email Us.  You can also get in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook.

And if you’re serious about sending us something to review, well, here you go:

Bloody Popcorn
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  1. Johnny & Joanna:
    My name is Glenn Berggoetz, and I’m the writer/director of the zomedy feature film “Midget Zombie Takeover” that’s screening in theaters all over the U.S. and that’s just been booked into a theater in London.
    I’m wondering if one of you would be interested in reviewing the film. If so, I can send you a link to the private viewing page we’ve set up for critics that has the entire film on it. If you’d by chance prefer that I mail you a screener, let me know, and I’ll mail one out to you. And to view the trailer you can go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISh0d_Xh5Rs.
    Thanks so much for your time and consideration!


  2. Love your guys story sounds very similar to my wife and I..I wanted to send you a link to my latest short film hitting the festivals and doing well called “One Night In An Alley” dark comedy with some nice practical fx I think you will dig I just followed you guys if ya like could do also I have several horror projects coming this year alone that I’m sure you will be interested in ttys…Jimmy 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nitiv4hYP_w ps..I’m the carjacker haha

  3. As a fellow podcaster and fellow VAer(?), would love to collaborate on Hallowscream

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