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And here’s where we promote things we like (and ourselves).  Feel free to recommend a site you think is worthy of a link.  We’re always happy to find horror-ful sites!

BloodyPopcorn on Twitter

BloodyPopcorn on Facebook

DocTerror.com | The James “Doc Terror” Harris Fund
Please consider donating to this fund to help James’ family.

Fright Rags |  Kick Ass Horror Shirts

Scares That Care  |  Charity that unites all things spooky for an amazing cause

The Liberal Dead  |  Horror website, podcasts

Camera Viscera | Horrorstuffs & humor

Does the Dog Die  |  For fellow animal lovers who often Google “Does [animal] die in [movie]?” 

Viewer Discretion Advised  |  Horror/Sci Fi website, reviews, etc.

Day of the Woman  |  A blog for the feminine side of horror

Shit Movie Fest  |  Horror website, ‘the best of the worst’

Dinosaur Dracula | Pop culture awesomeness; particularly if you were a kid in the ’80s

The Sexy Armpit | “Wafting the fumes of New Jersey pop culture since 2004″
— so, there you go.

Horror SexyA collection of horror journalists, podcasters, artists,
genre enthusiasts, and more

Casserole of Disaster | Formerly Veggie Macabre

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