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And here’s where we promote things we like (and ourselves).  Feel free to recommend a site you think is worthy of a link.  We’re always happy to find horror-ful sites!

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Cool Sites

Camera Viscera
Casserole of Disaster
Dinosaur Dracula
DocTerror.com | The James “Doc Terror” Harris Fund
Does the Dog Die (a resource for film and animal lovers)
The Homicidal Homemaker
Horror and Sons
Morbid Much
Scares That Care (charity)
The Sexy Armpit
Shit Movie Fest


80s All Over
Down the Rabbit Hole
Nerd Lunch
The Purple Stuff
The Screamcast
Splathouse Podcast

Buy Stuff

Fright Rags
Cavity Colors
Creepy Co.
Horror Decor

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