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Alice Cooper Playlist, Vol. 3: The New Millennium

May 18, 2018 • Uncategorized

Another Alice Cooper playlist for your enjoyment! Even though my love for the man known as Alice Cooper began in 1989, I didn’t see him live until the early 2000s. Since then, I’ve seen him about 8 or 9 times, so 21st century Alice is as important to me as the Coop from any previous decade…. Read More ›

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BP Podcast, Episode 35: “St. Patrick’s Day Hangover: Our ‘Leprechaun’ Revisit”

(0) Leprechaun in the Hood

St. Patrick’s Day is long over, but that doesn’t mean the magic must die — so join us for a special Leprechaun franchise revisit! In this episode, we chat up every Leprechaun movie from its debut in 1993 to the 2014 reboot – and it’s a wild and wacky ride. It had been 11 years,… Read More ›

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BP Podcast, Episode 32: “Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018”


It’s officially 2018 and it just wouldn’t be a New Year without a few resolutions! On this podcast episode, we each pick 6 resolutions for 2018. And we don’t mean dieting (I mean, we do, but not for this)! We declare what we want to watch and take on for this year. Movies, directors, genres… Read More ›

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Tales from the Darkside: Is “The Casavin Curse” still scary?


For a lot of us, especially those who were younger, horror in the 80s was wrapped up in Tales from the Darkside as much as it was the video store shelf. The problem was, most of the time the only thing really, truly creepy in the episodes were the opening and closing themes (and those… Read More ›

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Music We Love: The Tunes of the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ franchise


I wanted take a minute to state how much I appreciate the internet when it comes to the music from the movies we grew up watching. Pre-internet, say in the early 90s, there were not a ton of kids in my junior high who still cared about Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy, and even… Read More ›