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BP Podcast, Episode 48: “A ‘Friday the 13th’ Revisit, Part 2”

Phew – we did it! We finally finished the back half of ourĀ Friday the 13thĀ revisit! In this episode, we take a look at The New Blood through the 2009 remake/reboot/re-installment. And then we rank them alllll!Ā 

Also: Freddy vs. Jason gets a semi-redemption viewing (see: BP Podcast, Episode 28: ā€œā€˜A Nightmare on Elm Streetā€™ revisit, Dream Child through Remakeā€), Joanna gets tipsy, and we preview a couple now-expired Terror Tweets!Ā (Heads up: the next Terror Tweet is The Mutilator on 9/18, followed by The House on Sorority Row on 9/25.)

Friday the 13th, Parts 7 - 2009 Reboot

Drinking game options: Every time we talk about it “being a while,” diss summer, and/or get excited about Halloween. Also, when we mention the Crystal Lake Memories doc.Ā 

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