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Kissin’ Time: A KISS Valentine Playlist

I love KISS. Joanna got our family tickets to see them on the End of the Road tour this summer. This is all the reason I need to put together a Valentine-themed KISS playlist. Some of these songs are on the nose, some are innuendo, some just have ‘love’ in the title and some are just straight up about doin’ it. There are probably better playlists out there for snuggling up with the one you love on February 14th, but this one would be good for listening to in your car on the way to see them.

“Kissin’ Time”. Any time is Kissin’ Time, USA. What else would I start a love/sex-themed KISS playlist with?

“Speedin’ Back to My Baby”. This track comes from Ace’s addition to the 1978 solo project and it smokes.

“Do You Love Me?”. The boys in KISS are very aware that they got a lot of their lady action based on being in KISS. Lots of songs about that.

“Tomorrow”. This tune comes from my probably favorite KISS album, Unmasked, and it is easily one of my favorite KISS songs, period.

“Tunnel of Love”. I’ve been warming up a bit to Gene’s 1978 solo offering. I’m pretty sure the “tunnel” he’s referring to is, you know…not an actual tunnel.

“See You in Your Dreams”. Gene’s love letter to all to the women out there who go home and fantasy about him. You’re welcome, ladies.

“Great Expectations”. On paper, I really should not like this song. A slower tempo song with Gene on vocals about how amazing he is to women and how they fantasize about him. But I’ve always loved this one.

“Then She Kissed Me”. One of my favorite KISS cuts is also a cover of the seminal tune by The Crystals. Even this cover evokes images of the Touchstone logo and Chris Parker getting ready for her date, only to be stood up by So Cool.

“Love Theme from Kiss”. This one is self-explanatory.

“Forever”. We had the last dance at our wedding to this song, so of course I’m gonna include. Plus, despite what you think, it’s a really good song. Yes, it’s sappy and right on the nose, but considering 75% of the songs on this list are about Gene’s genitals (his Gene-itals?), I think you’ll survive. Plus, this live version from 1993’s Alive III segues into a blistering version of…

“I Love it Loud”. One of my favorite anthems ever. If you have a problem with the masterpiece being included on a Valentine’s Day playlist then, as a great backpatch on some dude’s denim jacket once said, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”

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