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BP Podcast, Episode 41: “Stupid Sexy Thriller Sequels”

Join us as we talk about two sexy thriller sequels – Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven and Basic Instinct 2! (The term “sexy” is up for debate.)

In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, we’re amping up our sexy thriller talk with a couple of sequels inspired by their Paul Verhoeven counterparts! One is cheeky, two and a half hours long, and written/directed/edited by its leading lady… and the other is Basic Instinct 2.

We also chat a few recent movie viewings (Mid90s and The Vietnam War documentary); go on a tangent about DVD packaging; and read some tweets. Plus, we tease the next episode topic: something surrounding the year 2009!

Drinking game options: Every time Joanna praises Showgirls 2.

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