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BP Podcast, Episode 42: “Our 2009 Movie Superlatives”

Oh, shit — we’re back with a “new” BP podcast episode! We say “new” because it was actually recorded two month ago in March and has been sitting stagnant, unedited, while life got super-crazy. But here we are!

BP Episode 42, 2009 Movies

On this episode of the BP podcast, we celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary by looking back at films from 2009! But to add some spice to the format, we’re giving out movie superlatives (i.e. best kill, best villain, etc). And it’s a long, rambling one — also one where Joanna is clearly pretty tired and a little drunk. We also chat about “recent” movie viewings and Monster Mania!

Drinking game options: Every time we go into an impromptu “deep dive” of a certain actor of actress; every time we forget someone’s name.

Direct listening below, check out our Libsyn page, look for us on iTunes (and if you dig us, please leave a review/rating!) and Spotify, or check out all of past episodes here!

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