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BP Podcast, Episode 40: “A Rockin’ New Year’s Countdown”

Happy New Year! We’re back with our first podcast of 2019!

Bloody Popcorn Podcast: Episode 40

Yes, it’s mid-January, but the podcast is back with a rockin’ New Year’s countdown of our favorite movie musical moments! No, we’re not talking about musicals – just perfectly placed songs in genre movies. (Think: the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.) We do an official countdown where we each pick 5 movies to add to the mix – and they are secret picks with surprisingly (sorta) no overlap!

We also chat about recent movie viewings (Deadpool 2), read some tweets about first movie watches of 2019, and tease the next episode (stupid sexy sequels?).

Drinking game options: Every time Joanna giggles or says something is “of the time.”

Direct listening below, check out our Libsyn page, look for us on iTunes (and if you dig us, please leave a review/rating!), or check out all of past episodes here!

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