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BP Podcast, Bonus Episode: “8 Questions with Ryan Lambert”

Surprise – it’s a bonus podcast episode!

Join me (Joanna) as I (virtually) sit down with Ryan Lambert for a Q&A about, you know, The Monster Squad! But these aren’t my questions. They come straight from the mouths of babes – my babes, to be exact, Milo (8) and Ash (6)! So, if you ever wanted to know why Dracula drives a car or need an explanation about why the Mummy isn’t all that scary, you’ve come to the right place. And Ryan’s answers do not disappoint.

Bloody Popcorn - Ryan Lambert Interview

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the newly released, highly anticipated Monster Squad documentary, Wolfman’s Got Nards. It’s clearly a must buy if you want to be in the goddamn club.

Direct listening below (also on iTunes and Spotify). At a cool 52 minutes, it’s what is guaranteed to be the shortest BP podcast ep ever!

Disclaimer(s): I used a phone recording app, so the quality isn’t stellar, but it works! Also, I had a small coughing fit (not COVID, I promise) and forgot to edit it out. Oops (insert eye-roll emoji here).

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