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Review: Black Sabbath – 13

Black Sabbath – 13 I’ll keep this brief, since the entire world has reviewed the mighty Sabbath’s new album, which dropped last week. With three-quarters of the original Sabbath line-up represented (sadly, no Bill Ward—but we do get the drum guy from angry 90s alterna-rockers Rage Against the Machine!), the blandly titled 13 is quite… Read More ›

Review: Skid Row’s United World Rebellion: Chapter One

So the Skids are back (on Megaforce, no less), still sans Sebastian Bach. I’m okay with that, in general, as many bands have replaced their vocalists and still put out kickass records. Of course, Skid Row is not one of those bands. Actually, I haven’t really cared much about a Skid Row new release since… Read More ›