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Review: Among Friends (2012)

After a much anticipated wait, we finally watched¬†Among Friends, the directorial debut of modern-day scream queen Danielle Harris. ¬†It’s without a doubt a near perfect definition of an indie horror film: entertaining and flawed. The story is actually quite fresh and tight-knit. ¬†Bernadette (Alyssa Lobit, who also wrote the screenplay) is throwing an 80s-themed murder… Read More ›

Review: Hatchet III (and kind of Hatchet II)

First thing’s first. ¬†We adore the first Hatchet. ¬†It contains all the appropriate elements for a modern day ‘slasher.’ ¬†Boobs, blood, humor and a killer with a name (Victor Crowley) played by Kane Hodder. ¬†It’s awesome — and makes for a fun addition to the holiday horror calendar (you know, for Mardi Gras). When the… Read More ›

Review: The Victim (2011)

Michael Biehn makes his directorial debut with¬†The Victim, in which he stars alongside his real-life wife, Jennifer (Wheel Chair girl from the ‚ÄúTeen Line‚ÄĚ episode of Saved by the Bell) Blanc and her BFF Danielle (Halloween franchise) Harris. Biehn plays Kyle (Reese?), a reclusive backwoods hermit with a mysterious past. Blanc and Harris are exotic… Read More ›