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“And All Through the House” nostalgia recap (via EW Community)

Way back when, I used to contribute various articles and recaps to Entertainment Weekly‘s Community blog/fan site. While the site is now defunct, the content lives on. Kinda, sorta. So, let’s throwback-Thursday it to last year when I recapped Tales From the Crypt‘s beloved holiday episode, “And All Though the House.”

Review: “The Following” (so far)

Because horror-on-TV is the new trend (thanks to “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”), there’s quite a bit I’d like to check out these days (i.e. “Hannibal” and “Bates Motel”).  But, somehow it’s “The Following” that has managed to slip into our busy viewing schedule.  And after 13 episodes, I think it’s stuck there for a… Read More ›