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Pet Peeve: Halloween Movies that Skimp on the Halloween

Some of the movies in this little list I like. Some I loathe. But all of them would be even better if they followed through on their Halloween setting. It bugs me a weird amount when movies have a character say it‚Äôs Halloween, but there are no visuals to back it up and give it… Read More ›

BP Podcast, Episode 24: “‘My Bloody Valentine’ and Other Vday Viewing Traditions”

Join us this week as we celebrate Valentine’s Day! We chat up the original ’81 slasher¬†My Bloody Valentine, its worthy ’09 remake, and a bunch of other standard (and not) Valentine’s Day viewing traditions. Ahem, sexy thrillers. We also talk about recent movie watches — including a (former) blindspot –¬†Society! Plus,¬†Pump Up the Volume,¬†Dreamcatcher¬†(Terror Tweet)… Read More ›

BP Podcast, Episode 21: “A look back at ‘Silent Night Deadly Night 2’ & ‘Silent Night’ (2012)”

12 Days of Christmas #2 Happy holidays, friends! This week, we dive right into Christmas by chatting up a redemption viewing of¬†Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (1987). We also rewatch the loose¬†SNDN¬†remake,¬†Silent Night¬†(2012), and discuss (is it still forgettable?). We also talk about recent movie viewings — including a lot of Thanksgiving and holiday flicks… Read More ›

Non-Halloween for a Fun Halloween

This is it, kiddies. Halloween is almost over — for some it already is. And according to my social media feelers, it looks like¬†this year was hit or miss for Halloween spirit. It happens. Just blame the election. So before we close the season out with a super-duper spooky¬†article tomorrow, let’s get generic for a… Read More ›

Redemption Viewing (Halloween Edition): ‘Satan’s Little Helper’

Third time’s a charm, yeah? About this time 10¬†years ago, we were young and and free (sans kids) — consuming any and all Halloween-themed movies/TV episodes we could get our hands on — for better or worse. This was when we unearthed¬†Satan’s Little Helper, the 2004 Halloween night romp about an annoying little kid with… Read More ›

‘Halloween: Resurrection’ is my third favorite film in the franchise!

Halloween III is easily my favorite, followed closely by John Carpenter‚Äôs original masterpiece. For reasons I can‚Äôt fully explain, Resurrection is third in a franchise ranking. I don‚Äôt really know exactly why I have such affection for this movie‚Ķbut I do. On paper, it sounds terrible. Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks send a group of… Read More ›

BP Podcast, Episode 13: ‚ÄėSomeone‚Äôs Watching Me‚Äô & ‚ÄėThe Toolbox Murders‚Äô (1978, Birthday Edition)

Thirty-eight years ago, Johnny was born. And this week,¬†we’re celebrating by taking a deep-dive look at two first-time watches from 1978: John Carpenter’s¬†Someone’s Watching Me and cult fave¬†The Toolbox Murders.

First Impressions: ‘Scream Queens’

Before diving into¬†Scream Queens, let me just say that we have a spotty past with Ryan Murphy. The first few seasons of¬†Glee¬†were actually pretty delightful. And, as of right now, we’re 50/50 with¬†American Horror Story¬†— seasons one and three were good (although¬†Coven‘s ending was incredibly disappointing); we watched only three episodes of¬†Asylum¬†before falling off;¬†and¬†then there’s¬†Freakshow,… Read More ›

Review: Hatchet III (and kind of Hatchet II)

First thing’s first. ¬†We adore the first Hatchet. ¬†It contains all the appropriate elements for a modern day ‘slasher.’ ¬†Boobs, blood, humor and a killer with a name (Victor Crowley) played by Kane Hodder. ¬†It’s awesome — and makes for a fun addition to the holiday horror calendar (you know, for Mardi Gras). When the… Read More ›