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Go See ‘This Is The End’

this is the end stillI wish I hadn’t even heard of This is the End until about 20 minutes before actually going to see it in the theater. From the first second I heard that Seth Rogen was co-writing/co-directing a movie in which he and his buds play themselves during the apocalypse…well, you know, baited breath and all that.

Often, with that much anticipation there is a HUGE margin for disappointment. Or, at least for some people. I’m a pretty good judge of trailers and can generally tell if I’ll be into something or not—so I’m rarely left disappointed when the credits are rolling and the popcorn tub is empty. And End is no exception. ‘Cuz damn that jam is funny.

You know the plot: Rogen, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel and the almighty James Franco play exaggerated (and in some cases completely made up) versions of themselves. And the world is ending. Tons of other actors are around for the apocalyptic onslaught, and the whole set up is just so absurd and hilarious and brilliant. It’s kinda like a two-hour version of the scene in Zombieland where Bill Murray is playing Ghostbusters with Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone.

Every dude and dudette is on point, but as usual, Franco is tops for me. That dude can do no wrong in my book. Plus, if you own the Zombie vs. Shark shirt that Fright-Rags released a couple of years ago, you’ll get to see that design in action, as Baruchel wears the shirt for the entire movie. (Note: Fright Rags just released a ‘movie version’ of the shirt today!)

johnny FR shirtJohnny wearing the original Fright Rags shirt.

The film opened this past weekend, and I’ve neither read nor heard nary a negative word from anyone who’s seen it. Too bad the other movie that opened over the weekend—you know, the one with a guy in a cape—can’t say the same. Man of what now?

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