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Franchise Friday Returns May 22!

TV season is winding down–and you know what this means, right? MORE MOVIES. With a couple of kids and a husband that likes to fall asleep at 9:00 pm, it seems we’re always trying to play catch up on TV–thus, movies are frequently pushed to the back burner. But now… it can be full-time movie watching and I welcome this change.

jaws-quint1As we’ve done the past few years, once TV is done (minus a few stragglers), we implement FRANCHISE FRIDAYS. What’s this mean, you say?  Starting May 22, Fridays will be designated for franchise movies only. Past franchise picks included: Rambo, Alien, Lethal Weapon, The Howling, etc. And seeing as though this is Memorial Day weekend, it’s fitting we begin FF with JAWS! I’ve seen JAWS 1 & 2 about a jillion times over the years, so–truth be told–I’m super excited to rewatch 3 & 4 in a few weeks.

Each week, Johnny and I will write-up separate blurbs about that week’s movie. Once that franchise is finished, we’ll rank ’em.

If you think there’s a franchise we should tackle this summer, let us know (and we’ll give you a shoutout)! For the record, we’re not picky–‘franchises’ can mean 2 or more movies. So far, we’re considering: Rocky, Mad Max, Batman (non-Nolan) and Star Wars.

The Jaws Quadrilogy (May 22 – June 12)

Rocky (June 19 – July 24)

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  1. Well of course Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason and Halloween should be on the list.


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