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Halloween 2016: Can we start already?

summer squareFACT: August signifies the (almost) end of summer. Back to school. Gel pens, Star Wars backpacks, and apple stationary. Last-minute vacations or day-trips to the beach. And the bikinis and floppy hats go on sale.

So, do you cling to summer dreams and hot-weather wear? Do you cautiously embrace the small traces of impending seasonal shifts? Or do you dive deep into official Halloween planning?

Well, let me fill you in on my take…

I pine for Halloween once the weather gets hot. Like, hot hot. So, June? July, perhaps? In theory, summer is fun and relaxing. But after you become an adult, there are no summer breaks or parent-planned getaways. School’s out, but you keep on working—it’s just brighter, sweatier, and meltier (especially when you wear make-up). And it’s all up to you to make it what it is. Of course, kids—we have two boys (ages 2 and 4)—help to shape a little enthusiasm for summer (specifically slip ‘n slide water play). But still… it’s not Halloween.

So, come August, my brain flips a switch for fall and pumpkins. While I’m not pulling out the orange bins of ghostly decorations just yet, my eyes grow wide for Halloween signs at pharmacies, craft stores, and eventually the Targets, Walmarts and Spirit Halloweens of the world.

2016-Retail-HalloweenWhen the fall Yankee Candle catalog (cough, cough, the Boney Bunch) arrives in the mail, I’m like a kid getting an invitation to a bowling birthday party. Greatness is just around the corner—but let’s be honest, it’s not about October 31. It’s about the season. You know this. Defining just when that season begins can be tricky. Or treaty.

Though some beg to differ, we can’t have Halloween year-round. If I drank pumpkin coffee from my spooky cat mug in February, or walked through my Styrofoam tombstones in May, the black magic would die and all would be meaningless. That is not to say you can’t live a horror-ful life 364 days a year—while keeping the special orange and black goodies on reserve.

Same goes for the folks who think Halloween is strictly for October. A meager four weeks to celebrate a jam-packed season is simply not enough time to… Decorate … Plan and attend parties … Prep the perfect costume(s)Visit local haunts, hayrides, and pumpkin patches … Watch every single Halloween-centric movie and TV show episode ever made AND Roseanne marathons on Logo AND generic scary movie marathons on AMC.

No, 31 days does not cut it.

ezgif.com-gif-makerWhat’s my ideal? I start yearning for the cool-weather season in June. In August, I nose around for spooky items (and maybe purchase a few).  Halloween season then officially launches in September. And in the midst of October joy, I quietly prep for November 1 depression.

So, here we are. Nearing the end of August, and Halloween’s creeping behind every store shelf. Fall treats are quickly popping up on social media posts—and even Dunkin Donuts has prematurely self-admitted the release of their flavors.

Remember, friends, you don’t have to partake just yet if you don’t want to. You can still grasp at summer straws. Just be happy knowing that Halloween and fall are soon approaching. Embrace it. Or, at least, smile at it. It’s the most horror of all seasons!

Coming Soon…

So, while it’s still not quite Halloween season for us, here’s a sneak peek of what’s expected at Bloody Popcorn:

— 31 Days of Halloween, featuring fresh content every single day in October (topics including movies, music, comics, decorations, and more)
— Special Halloween-themed podcast episodes
— Our 2016 Halloween Giveaway Contest! Look for details coming late September/early October!

— More?

Halloween is here…

And just because I can’t resist sharing the Halloween goodness that’s already out there…

From Michaels:

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From Yankee Candle:

I go to a Yankee Candle Flagship store — so, it’s not just about candles. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because the bulk of its stuff wasn’t on display yet. It turns out this weekend (August 26-28) is the big weekend for fall stuff (including the Boney Bunch Collection!).

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Other stuff…

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