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Night of the Living Dead Volume 1: Sins of the Father


It says right on the back of this graphic novel that it is a “retelling” of the original film. So much has been done and remade and reused from this film that nothing really seems like a great offense at this point, so that statement does nothing to add or takeaway from the book.


The meat of the story begins on Halloween, in Lizbeth West’s home, where her children are carving jack o’ lanterns. Lizbeth’s brother, Leland, shows up in his vintage Mustang to pick her up. A Halloween tradition, we’re told. The kids and her husband, John, are staying behind. Lizbeth and Leland hit the road and immediately after, zombies show up in the neighborhood.


We discover that the tradition is visiting their parents grave, similar to Johnny and Barbara in the original film. Some zombies show up and wreck things. Leland appears to be killed but later shows back up to help Lizbeth out and the two make it to an old hotel, where some others are holed up inside. Back home, John and the kids have decided to hit the road to look for Lizbeth.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with this book…but there’s not much of a reason to check it out either. As with the 30th anniversary edition of Night of the Living Dead, this retelling really only makes me want to go back to Romero’s original classic.


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