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My Pop Culture Halloween Party Guest List!

For absolute kicks, I created a guest list to my dream Halloween party. And who are the guests, you say? Movie and TV characters/personalities with a penchant for Halloween fun, respect, and entertainment.


Take a gander at my list below — and be sure to let me know who YOU would add to your perfect party.

The Experts

These are the ones who know Halloween. They will ensure that the party is as Halloween-y as it can be.

Jack Skellington & Sally – The Nightmare Before Christmas
It goes without saying, but this couple lives for Halloween – literally, they live in Halloweentown.

Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother
I’d classify this duo as the costume experts – they may get a bit competitive, but they’ll make sure everyone is wearing a fitting, over-the-top, and/or clever get-up.


Sam – Trick ‘r Treat
We don’t want any sourpusses or debbie downers, so Sam will certainly keep any waverers in check. No rule breaking at this party!

The Conner Family – Roseanne
Obviously. Who wouldn’t invite the Queen of Halloween and her cohorts? Just watch out for pranks. Ha, I say that like it’s a bad thing.

The Fun Friends

To keep the party kicking, we need these folks to chat, party and exude spooky, sexy, or silly Halloween joy.

Ernest – Ernest Scared Stupid
Ernest’s been through some stuff on Halloween, but he always keeps his (dim) wits about him. He can also defeat trolls, and he’s got costumes aplenty!


Ginger – Ginger Snaps
Sex appeal. She may be a werewolf, but she likes a good party. Just to be safe, I’ll keep Bridget on high alert – I would invite her, but she might be a bummer, so…

Suzanne – Night of the Demons
Sex appeal, part 2. If we can keep her away from Angela (who’s NOT invited) and demonic lipstick, then I think we’re okay. Oh, and if you have a date, you might want to keep her away from him/her, too.


Casper – Casper (1995)
Casper lives (er, dies?) for social interaction. So, he’ll be the most happy-go-lucky positive bit of white ectoplasmic energy you can ask for. Plus, he’s got the PERFECT house for such a party. Your move, Casper.

Sabrina – Sabrina the Teenage Witch
She’s knows a lot of people – in this realm and more – plus she’ll be awesome in a pinch if someone breaks something, isn’t wearing the right costume, or whatever. Because, you know, she’s a witch.


The Chance Family – Raising Hope
The Conners may be the experts, but the Chances know how to party like it’s Hull House. Give ‘em a chance – they love Halloween. Maybe Jimmy will wear goth make-up…?


The “I-Need-to-Invite-Them-Because-I-Want-Them-to-Have-Fun” Friends

To quote a sea witch, these poor unfortunate souls. My only wish is to give them the best party of their lives.

Frank the Bunny – Donnie Darko
He was Donnie’s prophesying, time-traveling, hallucinogenic, not-really-imaginary non-friend and classmate. He had a great costume – but was shot by Donnie for accidentally killing Gretchen. Bummer, man – just come to my shindig instead.


May – May
There is no doubt, May is a sad sack. She tries, but it’s awkward. Maybe at a party filled with good people and other weirdos, she’d fare better. Just avoid Frank – he might look familiar.

Michael Scott – The Office
No doubt, Michael had a great time at parties – but it was often ill-conceived or at the expense of others. Just give him a chance to let loose, have fun, and mingle with this fine crowd. No other Dunder Mifflin folks allowed.

Sam, Bill and Neal – Freaks and Geeks
These kids really wanted to have a great Halloween — but it all went to hell when they felt too old and uncool. They just didn’t fit in with any other circle. So, I say, come to my party. And say hi to Ginger, Suzanne, and May.


The Entertainment

And, finally, no great party is complete without a little wild entertainment.

Paul Lynde & Elvira
Your hosts for the evening. One is dated, goofy, and loves a good game show; and the other is valley, sexy, and knows her horror. And both are flirty and corny. Can you dig it?

Grand High Wizard – The Worst Witch
He’s great for an opening number to put us in the Halloween mood. Note to self: Plan for tambourine party favors.


Alice Cooper – The Muppet Show (Season 3 appearance)
Then let’s rock out with an onslaught of spooky jams from Mr. Alice Cooper. Nightmares, Frankenstein, that “Man Behind the Mask” – he’s got you covered.


The Countess, Mark & Robin – Once Bitten
We’ve got the music, so here’s the show! The ultimate dance-off act featuring one helluva love triangle. They’re sexy and campy (because, you know, Jim Carrey). All in all — perfection.


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