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BP Podcast, Episode 20: “Breaking Down Our Favorite Action Movies”

Move over horror, this week we dive into the other bloody genre – ACTION! And for this episode, we each list our top 8 action movies (warning: there is slight overlap). From Stallone and Statham, to Lundgren and Schwarzenegger, we got you covered. And we pinpoint our action blind spots — ahem, Van Damme and Norris.

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As always, we also chat up recent movie viewings (including the last of the Halloween romps) and preview what’s in store for the holiday season.

NOTE: The Blood Rage #TerrorTweet event mentioned in the podcast has been rescheduled for Friday, November 25 (BLACK FRIDAY).

Drinking game options: Every time Johnny’s pick involves something sci-fi; when you hear Joanna’s sick voice coming through.


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