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Stuff I Like: A Holiday Shopping Guide

12 Days of Christmas #1

Don’t freak out, but the holidays are upon us. Yeah, it’s movies and treats and festive decor, but it’s also gift-buying season.

And while it’s only early-ish December, that’s kinda-sorta late for Christmas shopping. So, while you’re on the quest to find the perfect something for that special someone, consider ditching the Amazon game—for at least for a few items—and support horror friends with cool shit.

Shirts, pins, gifts & more


Fright Rags. We all know Ben and the gang at Fright Rags. Awesome company, awesome people, with an ever-extending line of cool merch—including shirts, socks, posters, pins and more. Plus, don’t miss out on their super-festive Krampus collection! December 18 is the domestic shipping deadline (to receive by December 24).
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Cavity Colors. Like Fright Rags, another super-cool company run by great people—Aaron and Ricki! The designs are incredibly detailed and drip goretastic art. Plus, the enamel pin game is STRONG for Cavity Colors. U.S. First Class shipping deadline is December 20; U.S. Priority deadline is December 21.
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Horror Décor. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a guaranteed Christmas item, their holiday shipping deadlines have passed – but why not just buy yourself something spiffy for the New Year? They have a crazy selection of gift items, like flags, pillows, candles and more!
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Camera Viscera. Many of you know CV’s website of horrorstuffs! But… there’s also a store loaded with pins, t-shirts and more. It’s neat-o stuff, with an obscure side, supporting a cool site. Get on it.
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Rainbow Alternative. Do you like your pop culture swag with a side of socially relevant overtones? If so, Rainbow Alternative is for you. From amazing stencil art shirts/totes/etc of your favorite movie and TV show characters to perfectly blunt social messages (i.e. “Nasty Women Unite,” “I Know What’s Best for My Vagina”), artist Nicole covers the gamut. And odds are, you’ve see Nicole and her girlfriend (Nicole of Night Owl Design, see below) at a horror con!
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Night Owl Designs. This Nicole has a million and one earrings, ornaments and more of the like to feed your pop culture fix. We actually just had her custom make a bunch of Ghostbusters buttons for us – for our kid’s birthday party, too! Super-nice and affordable.
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MurphyPop. Artist Meghan Murphy has some of the cutest art out there – and she does commissions, too! Whether you’re looking for something “normal” and sweet for your sister’s kids, or something a little off (but still cute), Meghan’s stuff is aces. Follow her on Twitter, too!
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Christopher Tupa. Speaking of nifty artists with an eye for the cute stuff, we’ve been fans of Christopher for years. We have so many commissioned pieces, we could open a small gallery dedicated to the dude. Again, it’s a little late in the game for holiday commissions, but please consider this guy for future artwork.
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Duddy in Motion (Dustin Pace). And now for a couple social buds. Dark and horror-centric – these prints are awesome. Follow him on Twitter, too.
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Night Creature Studios. With a unique style that focuses on horror portraits, this guy’s got some cool stuff – including one helluva Zelda pin! Follow him on Twitter, too.
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Other considerations


Debbie Rochon (and/or other filmmakers). We’re fans of Debbie Rochon – the actress, the filmmaker, the lady. She rules. So, we purchase stuff from her. This holiday season (and beyond), consider buying directly from your fandom favorites (you might get a signed copy, too) and independent artists. And if you don’t know how–ask! Twitter and Facebook have opened up that direct line of communication, so reach out to those people you admire and ask… I want to purchase [this]. How can I buy it to best support you?


Dinosaur Dracula. And now for the gift that keeps on giving. We all love Matt from Dinosaur Dracula – so, why not give back in the best way possible and sign up to receive his monthly funpack! It supports his site, and you get a box filled with retro toys, snacks (some edible, some not), trading cards, stories, and more – each assembled with great care and design.
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Be sure to let us know some of your favorite independent shopping sites for horror and pop culture gear! Comment, email, or tweet at us!

Happy holidays. Now go buy some cool shit.

This post is a part of our 12 Days of Christmas series, running through December 24, 2016.

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