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BP Podcast, Episode 22: “A ‘Santa Claws’ (1996) Fan Commentary”

12 Days of Christmas #6

Happy holidays! This week, we’re switching it up by attempting something we’ve never done before… a fan commentary for the ’96 festive flick Santa Claws, starring Debbie Rochon! It’s one helluva B-movie that exudes cheese, extreme 90s vibes, the holiday season, slasher-ing, and most importantly FUN!

If you’ve seen it, great! And if not, it’s still fun to listen to us ramble! I swear. Really, we spend about 50% of the podcast talking about 90s jeans anyway.

We also preview the next episode: a look back at the Waxwork movies.

Drinking game options: Every time we say “cultivator” or “jeans butt.” Just go with it.

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