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Movies We Love: Masters of the Universe (1987)

By 1987, I had really no interest in Masters of the Universe, as a property. I’m sure I watched the cartoon whenever it popped up in syndication, but as far as toys go, GI Joe was pretty much my only obsession and had been since about 1985. That is, until I saw both the TV spots for the 1987 live action film and the cover of this magazine (courtesy of ‘Dolph The Ulimate Guide).


Also, I just came across this cover, from 1991. I need to see Showdown in Little Tokyo, for real.


I became 100% obsessed with seeing the Master of the Universe movie. Unfortunately, we did not get to the movie theater very often when I was a kid…so I likely didn’t see it until sometime in 1988 or so, when it hit VHS. But my god, did I watch it over and over and over. I lived and breathed that movie for probably a good six months.

And derided as it often is now, I still think it’s a great movie. People generally dislike the Earth-set aspect, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Yes, more Eternia woulda been cool, no question. I love how amped up the sci-fi vibe is in the film….it feels very big and comic book-y.

The main attraction here is, of course, He-Man, played by the inimitable Dolph Lundgren. Between He-Man and The Punisher, Dolph cemented himself as one of my favorite dudes ever. Frank Langella’s Skeletor is masterful and Meg Foster was undeniably created for the sole purpose of playing Evil-Lyn.

pic3heman  pic4heman

I also adore Skeletor’s crew from the live action version. Beastman was kinda weak here, but Karg, Blade and Saurod ruled.

(Picture via He-Man.Org)

And of course the baddest dude in Eternia, Skeletor himself. Love or hate the movie, I don’t think anyone can find fault in the film’s Skeletor. He is just too fucking cool.

pic6heman(Picture via He-Man.Org)

And you know, I wasn’t too big on Gwildor. He didn’t bother me, but you know…fuck it. Good Journey.

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