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Movies We Love: Drive Angry (2011)

Patrick Lussier’s Drive Angry is one of those movies that not a ton of people went to see, but pretty much anyone that did, loved it. It’s a supernatural action grindhouse explosion movie that does not let up from the first frame. And it is, without question, the movie that Nicolas Cage was made to do. Cage stars as John Milton, a dude who comes back from hell to rescue his granddaughter from a Satanic cult. He teams up with Piper, played by Amber Heard, and together they blow up muscle cars, gun down cultists and kick a bunch of ass.


Cage just kills in this movie. It’s the kind of thing you wanted from Ghost Rider. In fact, even though I do enjoy the two GR films, I really wish they’d hand the property over to Lussier and writer Todd Farmer and let them go nuts.


Admittedly, when I saw the movie in the theater, I didn’t particularly care about the cars one way or another, beyond the fact that they drove fast and got exploded. In the years since, I have become obsessed with muscle cars, which adds another level of love for this film.




If my words do not move you to check out this movie, I implore you to watch the tribute video from YouTube below. It’s the movie boiled down to 4 minutes, set to Meat Loaf’s “Alive”, which plays in the film. The video does show kinda what happens at the end, but without context it doesn’t mean much, so no spoilers really. And if you already love the movie, the video’s gonna make you want to watch it again right fucking now!

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