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BP Podcast, Episode 33: “Witchboard, Ouija & Games.. Oh My!”

On this episode of the Bloody Popcorn Podcast, we dive into the (first two) Witchboard and Ouija movies – as well as “play” a little Ouija ourselves…

So, which movies are better? Did Ouija really suck as bad as they say? Did our own talking board session work? Listen to this podcast episode and find out!

We also talk about recent movie viewings (The Last Jedi, Vibes, Andy Sidaris stuff), and preview the next episode (sexy thrillers).

Drinking game options: Every time you hear a dog walk across the floor and/or bark; OR every time you hear a sniffle/cough from Johnny and/or Joanna.

Direct listening below, check out our Libsyn page, look for us on iTunes, or check out all of past episodes here!

Podcast - Witchboard and Ouija

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