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BP Podcast, Episode 35: “St. Patrick’s Day Hangover: Our ‘Leprechaun’ Revisit”

St. Patrick’s Day is long over, but that doesn’t mean the magic must die — so join us for a special Leprechaun franchise revisit!

In this episode, we chat up every Leprechaun movie from its debut in 1993 to the 2014 reboot – and it’s a wild and wacky ride. It had been 11 years, so we rank them going into the rewatch, and then again after the rewatch.

We also discuss a couple recent movie viewings (including the Italian 80s romp The Devil’s Honey), run through March’s Monster Mania convention, and tease the next episode topic (SPRING BREAK).

Drinking game options: Every time Joanna laughs.

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Leprechaun Movies

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