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BP Podcast, Episode 39: “A Thanksgiving Film Feast”

The podcast returns for a special Thanksgiving episode!

Join us on this podcast episode as we dish on our Thanksgiving movie marathon picks. And we’re not talking about the obvious standards like Blood Rage or Planes, Trains and Automobiles. For this chat, we each pick five movies that would suit our Thanksgiving line-up. Whether it’s about family or food – we make our own rules and state the case for our picks!

November is also our own “Italian Horror Movie Month” – so, we briefly discuss the flicks we’ve watched so far (including Tenebre and The House by the Cemetery)! We also read YOUR “comfort food” movie selections and preview our next podcast topic for December! (And don’t forget to sign up to receive a holiday card from us!)

Drinking game options: Every time Johnny makes a pun or Dolly Parton is mentioned.

Bloody Popcorn Podcast - A Thanksgiving Film Feast

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  1. Excellent! I don’t see Feast streaming anywhere in Canada, so I just got the trilogy from Amazon. Can’t miss a Terror Tweet, especially one that looks this fun.

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