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Bloody Popcorn’s bi-weekly podcast is here! Join us as we discuss a variety of genre topics, including movies, music, TV and more. 

Episode 15: “Back to School!”
September 2, 2016
This week, as all the kiddies head back to school for another year of learning stuff, we discuss our favorite school-related genre moments in pop culture. Movies, TV, and maybe even a music video — we break it down.

back to school

Episode 14: “The One Where We Ask Each Other Questions”
August 12, 2016
What’s your favorite horror movie of the past five years? What flick could actually benefit from a remake? What horror movie character, director, and fictional band would you want to hang with on a desert island? We ask each other these questions and many more on this week’s tangent of an episode!


Episode 13: “1978: “A Look at ‘Someone’s Watching Me’ & ‘The Toolbox Murders’ (Birthday Edition)”
July 29, 2016
Thirty-eight years ago, Johnny was born. And this week, we’re celebrating by taking a deep-dive look at two first-time watches from 1978: John Carpenter’s Someone’s Watching Me and cult fave The Toolbox Murders. We also talk about recent movie viewings, including Vault of Horror, The Toxic Crusaders and this year’s Green Room. Warning: things get serious for a moment.


Episode 12: “Horror Movie Memories from 2006”
July 15, 2016
This July marks the 10-year anniversary of when Joanna and Johnny started dating. Ten years is kind of a big deal, so… this episode looks back at 2006 movie moments! It was tough, but we narrowed it down to 10 horror movies and one pretty special non-horror movie (plus a couple other mentions). We also discuss The Purge franchise.
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2006 movies

Episode 11: “Anthology Horror Movies & Our Favorite Stories”
July 1, 2016
This week, we run down a long list of horror anthology movies — and pick our favorite stories! From Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie to The Telling and Tales from the Hood, it’s a diverse list.
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Episode 10: “Our Favorite ’90s Horror Movies”
June 17, 2016
Join us as we each talk about our top 8 horror movies from the ’90s. They’re secret picks — and, for the first time ever, we have overlap movies! We realize just how varied the ’90s were, and really it just makes us miss video stores.
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90s movies

Episode 9: “When Horror Goes to the Prom”
June 3, 2016
It’s PROM SEASON! Sort of. So, let’s celebrate by counting down some exceptional horror movie dance-related scenes. We’re not picky — it’s doesn’t have to be Prom. We’ll accept Homecoming, Spring Fling, etc.. We dive into horror, horror-comedy — and a few non-genre picks as well, of course!
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Episode 8: “Belated Mother’s Day & Lifetime Movies!”
May 20, 2016
Don’t let the notion of a “Lifetime movie” scare you away! In this episode, Joanna and Johnny plead their case for Lifetime movies, specifically addressed two ridiculous mom-themed movies: A Deadly Adoption and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?. We also discuss recent movie viewings, (Staying Alive), MORE worthy Lifetime movies, and preview the next episode (prom?).
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mother ep

Episode 7: “It’s All About the Sequels!”
May 10, 2016
After a view glitchy happenings, the 7th episode is here! This week, we chat about sequels we like MORE than the original — attempting to avoid the obvious, i.e. Aliens. We each picked 5 (with a few honorable mentions), unbeknownst to the other. We also discuss recent movie viewings (Shivers and Roxanne), Franchise Friday, Snapchat, and more!
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Episode 6: “SHARKS!”
April 22, 2016
This week we prep for warm weather by discussing SHARKS — more specifically, shark movies. We chat up a wide range of toothy films before diving into the main course of two fresh, first-time watches: Shark Lake and Jersey Shore Shark Attack. We also discuss recent movie viewings (Death Race 2000, Nightmares, Tremors 5), preview the next show topic, and more!
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Episode 5: “1983”
April 8, 2016
This week on the podcast, we celebrate Joanna’s birthday by discussing a slew of movies from 1983 (the year she was born)! Joanna and Johnny each picked 5 movies to discuss (unbeknownst to the other). We also discuss recent movie viewings (i.e. Piranha 3D and Jackass 3D), preview the next show topic, and more!
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Episode 4: “Spring Break Edition!”
March 25, 2016
Happy Easter weekend and/or SPRING BREAK season! To honor this time of year, we’re diving into a couple of our favorite springtime movies: Club Dread and Critters 2! We also give a brief Monster Mania recap; discuss recent movie viewings (10 Cloverfield Lane); share out Spring Break Giveaway details; and more.
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Episode 3: “Convention Stories & Memories (Part 2)”
March 11, 2016
Here we share MORE convention memories! We also talk about our recent movie viewings (Deathgasm, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and short film Tailypo) and preview the next episode’s topics (spring giveaway contest, spring movie talk).
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Episode 2: “Convention Stories & Memories (Part 1)”
February 26, 2016
Here we share our first convention memories, being starstruck by a couple celebrities, and more! We also talk about a recent movie viewing (The Perfect Guy  – yeah, that movie) and anticipation for seeing The Witch. BTW, discussing conventions lends itself to a part 2 episode. So stay tuned…
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Episode 1: “First Show/Valentine’s Day”
February 12, 2016
This one highlights some of our favorite off-the-beaten path couples. So, what does that mean exactly? It could mean unlikely/forgotten/odd couples. And we may take a couple liberties with our pairings…
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