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Franchise Friday: ‘Basket Case’

Up next: A weird, little franchise we haven’t visited in a while… June 3, 2014: ¬†Basket Case (1982)¬† Is Belial a sympathetic horror character? Johnny:¬†DISCLAIMER: When we watched Basket Case as part of our current Franchise Friday project, I totally slept through a ton of it. I was beat. But I‚Äôve seen it enough in… Read More ›

Franchise Friday: ‘Porky’s’

The Franchise Friday tradition lives on! And the 2016 season opener begins with the 80s sex comedy “classics”:¬†Porky’s, Porky’s II: The Next Day, and Porky’s Revenge. You’re excited, aren’t you? Each week, we’ll pose a different question pertaining to the movie. Simple question, short answer. Let’s get to it! May 6, 2016: Porky’s (1981) Is¬†Porky’s¬†just… Read More ›

Franchise Friday: The ‘Jaws’ Quadrilogy

Franchise Friday¬†has officially begun! First up: The¬†Jaws¬†Quadrilogy! Each week, we’ll pose a different question for each movie. One question. Short¬†answer. Let’s get to it. Be sure to listen to our podcast episode all about Sharks! (updated 4/22/16) UP NEXT: June 19, 2015:¬†Rocky¬†(1976).¬† May 22, 2015: JAWS (1975) Q: Everything’s been covered to death about Jaws,… Read More ›

Franchise Friday Returns May 22!

TV season is winding down–and you know what this means, right? MORE MOVIES. With a couple of kids and a husband that likes to fall asleep at 9:00 pm, it seems we’re always trying to play catch up on TV–thus,¬†movies are frequently pushed to the back burner. But now… it can be full-time movie watching… Read More ›