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Non-Halloween for a Fun Halloween

This is it, kiddies. Halloween is almost over — for some it already is. And according to my social media feelers, it looks like¬†this year was hit or miss for Halloween spirit. It happens. Just blame the election. So before we close the season out with a super-duper spooky¬†article tomorrow, let’s get generic for a… Read More ›

Fright Night 2 — Huh?

I just took a peek at the ‘rare’ trailer for¬†Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013) (via Arrow in the Head), the presumed sequel (?) to the underrated 2011 remake. ¬†All I can think to say is… huh? I’m just confused. ¬†All the characters are played by different actors. ¬†Nothing surprising there for a DtV horror… Read More ›