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BP Podcast, Episode 36: “Spring Break, Sharks, Graboids & More”

It’s been a couple months, but we’re back with a (LONG) catch up podcast episode! On this podcast ep, listen to us ramble about a bunch of recent movie viewings, including six¬†special “spring break-ish” movies, plus new releases¬†Deep Blue Sea 2¬†and¬†Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell! We also preview the next #TerrorTweet episode featuring¬†Sleepaway Camp… Read More ›

(Late) Spring Break Giveaway 2017!

So, it’s a tad later than we had wished, but our Spring Break Giveaway is finally here! This year’s theme? CREATURE MOVIES! The crowning jewel of this prize back is original JAWS artwork by Kayla Kearse. No home is complete without some shark flair. You know this. And the rest is totally neat-o creature filler… Read More ›

Spring Break Giveaway 2016

It’s here! Our Spring Break Giveaway is officially open for entries! And on to the details… WHAT Last year, we did a shark theme, and this year it’s all about the critters! And we’re not just talking about¬†those toothy fuzzballs from the 80s (and early 90s). We’re also embracing¬†Gremlins,¬†Ghoulies, and even a facehugger. We picked… Read More ›

Spring (break) Giveaway Contest!

Oooh… we have an AWESOME giveaway to announce!¬†In celebration of SPRING BREAK and the beginning of the creature feature season, we’re giving away one very special shark themed prize pack! What’s included? This prize features original¬†JAWS artwork from Popsic Art; JAWS earrings from Night Owl Designs; a¬†Sharknado¬†Funko Pop! bobblehead;¬†Spring Break Shark Attack on DVD (because… Read More ›