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Spring Break Giveaway 2016

It’s here! Our Spring Break Giveaway is officially open for entries! And on to the details…


Last year, we did a shark theme, and this year it’s all about the critters! And we’re not just talking about those toothy fuzzballs from the 80s (and early 90s). We’re also embracing GremlinsGhoulies, and even a facehugger. We picked up most of the items at the most recent Monster Mania convention (March 11-13). See below for pics — plus, we’ll probably throw in a few extra, non-pictured items —

Note: The Gremlins ReAction figure packaging is a little worn — thanks to Amazon shipping.


From now until Friday, April 8 (5 pm, EST), you can enter to win this awesome giveaway prize pack! Just simply fill out the form below. No worries, we don’t share information. April 9 (or 10), we’ll assign everyone a number and use Random.org to generate a winning number! See, it’s easy. Have questions? Contact us. Now on to that form…

CONTEST IS CLOSED. A winner will be announced soon! 😉

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