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Podcast: Episode 5

Hey, look at that — today we released our 5th episode of the podcast! Five episodes. I can’t lie, it feels good. Thank you to all who have tuned in to listen to us jabber about movies, conventions, our kids, etc.

And in this week’s show, we celebrated my 33rd birthday by discussing a variety of movies from 1983. We each picked 5 movies (sort of) — unbeknownst to the other. Luckily, there were no overlaps. These movies may not have been the greatest or most accomplished (some were), but they were each special to us.

Johnny also surprised-gifted me 4 movies from 1983 during the episode. To get the full details, listen to the podcast episode (duh). In the meantime, enjoy these gifs which sum up our top picks. Can you name them all? (I’m sure you can.)

Johnny’s Picks:

johnny1  Johnny2

Johnny3  johnny4


Joanna’s Picks

joanna1  joanna2


This one’s a two-parter. It was my birthday, so I cheated a little..

joanna4 – and – joanna4b

Sadly, there was no gif available for my final pick — which was a TV show:


And remember, listen to the episode for full details on these picks — and more!

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