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‘Shark Swarm’: A Review Rehash

Labor Day was last week. For many, it marks the official end of summer. In honor of that, here’s a little shark-related throwback. Back on June 14, 2008, well before we had any plans for a blog or website or podcast, I felt compelled to write a short review of the made-for-SyFy flick Shark Swarm.

’12 Monkeys’ Coverage

Hey — are you watching Syfy’s newest scripted drama, 12 Monkeys? If so, head over to Entertainment Weekly’s Community blog for Joanna’s latest coverage — and join in the conversation. Spoiler: the show’s actually pretty good! It airs Fridays, 9/8c on Syfy.  ’12 Monkeys’ fan react: Meeting a villain and filling in the gaps January 25,… Read More ›

Filmmaker Spotlight: John M. Ware and Tina Teeter (Thr33 Days Dead)

ICYMI, SyFy just concluded ‘Town of the Living Dead,’ a new docuseries that followed the lives of a group of folks in Jasper, Alabama, while they attempt to finish their zombie flick (Thr33 Days Dead). A project six years in the making. Well–SPOILER–they did it! The reward? SyFy aired the finished movie (in the wee hours… Read More ›