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‘Shark Swarm’: A Review Rehash

shark_swarm_2008_movie_posterLabor Day was last week. For many, it marks the official end of summer. In honor of that, here’s a little shark-related throwback.

Back on June 14, 2008, well before we had any plans for a blog or website or podcast, I felt compelled to write a short review of the made-for-SyFy flick Shark Swarm. It’s directed by James A. Contner, who was notable to us for having directed almost two dozen episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a bunch of Angel episodes, too. The movie stars John Schneider (of course) and Armand Assante. It also sort of stars Daryl Hannah—but I don’t think she knew it at the time, as she’s basically half asleep through the whole thing (hey, they can’t all be Blade Runner). It also features a very brief Hanks appearance. Jim, that is—ol’ Tom’s brother (he gets ate, man!).

Without further ado, let’s look back at a summer day, eight years ago, when I took about four minutes out of my life to tell the world at large that I thought Shark Swarm was…pretty good:

It’s not Jaws, obviously…

Obviously, this movie is not Jaws. To hold it to those standards is setting the viewer up for immediate disappointment. But if you take the movie for what it is–a two-hour-and-forty-minute shark drama/epic, then you just might enjoy it as much as I did.

Some of the characters are laughable, and some of them are even kind of likable. Some of the acting is terrible, and some of it is at least okay. And for CG sharks, these aren’t the worst out there.

And the lengthiness of it, I for one never found it slow. I never got bored. I don’t know; it’s definitely not Jaws. Just know that going in and you’ll be alright.

I’m sure your sold on the film now, so go pony up the $6 required to own your very own copy on DVD!

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