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Horror is the new TV trend these days, am I right?

American Horror StoryAs with anything, some are good and stick around (“The Walking Dead,” “American Horror Story”) and some are quickly canceled (“666 Park Avenue,” “Mockingbird Lane”).   But hey — exposure for the horror world is good, right?  Just don’t beat it to death, make it hipster-trendy, or over-saturate my TV with the same old shit.

To be honest, my only problem with horror in TV is the fact that there’s just not enough time (or DVR space) to watch everything.  Yeah, we watch a lot of TV — comedies, drama, horror — but seriously, how can I keep up with general movie viewing if good new shows keep popping up?   Case in point — “Bates Motel” just premiered a few weeks back — this is something in which I have a genuine interest, but there’s just not enough time. Thank goodness for DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon Instant Video & Netflix.


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