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The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Predictions

twdWARNING:  This post most definitely includes spoilers.  

Season three of “The Walking Dead”  has been tumultuous.  We’ve lost (T-Dog, Lori).  We’ve gained (Michonne, Tyreese).  And we’ve all hated Andrea.

This Sunday (March 31), the fate of our beloved prisoners and Woodbury residents will be revealed.  It’s public knowledge that 27 people will be offed in the finale.  So, with that said, below are our very own mortality predictions — Dead, Safe, or Either Way.


Beth — At this point, her only purpose has been to take care of Baby Judith — and sing an occasional song.  This makes her not only vulnerable, but also expendable as a character

The Governor — He’s the villian.  The bad guy.  He has to die — and he’s got a lot of people gunning for him at this point.  The only question remains is who’s going to be the one to finally kill him off?

Milton — I am proud of Milton for coming to his senses and doing the right thing… but we all know ( and I’m sure he does, too) that he just signed his own death certificate. 

Martinez — We got to see a little bit of the human side of Martinez a few episodes back — realizing that he’s not much different from our very own Daryl.  But he’s on the bad side, so…

Bowman — Another one of the Governor’s henchman +  zero characterization = DEAD. 

Sasha — Tyreese’s sister.  She’s got target written all over her — plus, if she’s killed in the Governor’s crossfires, Tyreese will finally join forces with the right side of this battle.  Seriously, Tyreese, what’s the deal?!

Allen — He may be part of Tyreese’s original group, but he’s pretty much a ‘bad guy’ convert — so, he’s dead.


Rick — Rick’s our anti-hero.  He’s the leader.  They’re not going to off their main character.  Rumor has it this may have been one of the reasons current showrunner, Glen Mazzara, got booted… he thought about killing Rick.

Michonne — She’s awesome.  ‘Nuff said. 

Daryl — He can’t die for two reasons.  1) He’s a fan favorite.  You don’t want to piss off your show’s audience.  And 2) he adds a very welcome ‘surprise element’ to those who read the comic (like us) — because he (and Merle, RIP) only exists on the show.

Carl — I am pretty sure we’d lose Rick if we lost Carl — especially now.   Plus, he’s earned major points this season for becoming quite the little badass. Good job, Carl.

Andrea — I’ve really struggled with this one.  After all, she is the ‘new Lori.’  But with that said, I think she’ll make it.  She’s too strong — and important — a character in the comic to be killed off now.  But then again, Comic Sophia is still alive, so…

Maggie & Glenn — Love is in the air — and things are looking up for these two (newly engaged) lovebirds!  Yes, typically, when things are going well for these two, someone’s gotta die; but, I still think there’s a story to be told here.  


Hershel — Now, there’s only one real reason I say he’s not going to die — yet.  COMIC SPOILER.  Hershel does indeed die during this battle in the comic; however, Hershel has pretty much taken over as the voice of reason — AKA Dale.  At this point in the comic, Dale was still alive and he was the one to lose his leg.  I think/hope Hershel might meet the same fate as Comic Dale.  Yes, death is death — but this one is pretty cool. 

Baby Judith — I am on the fence about the logistics for killing a baby on TV.  COMIC SPOILER.  In the comic, Baby Judith dies (along with Lori) in the final prison battle.  Because Lori is already dead, that scenario is kind of moot — unless you replace Lori with Beth or Carol, which they might do.  At this point, I almost think Judith might make it (for now).  Today’s TV can be edgy and raw, but TV is a different medium (vs. comics) — it’s going to be more controversial killing a baby on prime time TV, in front of millions of viewers.  And after all, she does symbolize hope/the future and holds significant meaning for Daryl.  It’s a tough call — I kind of wish she had just died with Lori in childbirth.  

Carol — I’ve come to kind of love Carol.  She’s become a no-nonsense,  strong, self-sufficient woman.  I don’t want her to die, but… she’s one of those (almost) non-essential characters.  The reason I think they might have her stick around for a bit is Daryl.  He just lost his brother, so losing Carol would be a massive blow.  But you never know… 

Tyreese — TV Tyreese’s storyline is SO different from his comic counterpart.  I’m really unsure of this one.  COMIC SPOILER.  He never ‘sides’ with Woodbury — he’s always been with Rick & Co. at the prison.  VERY different from the current TV plot.  He ultimately gets killed (brutally decapitated) by the Governor.  This is a very memorable moment from the comic — which makes me think that it should still be used in the show; however, since the story is so different, it’s really all up in the air.  

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