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The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Wrap-Up

The Walking Dead - Season 3 FinaleWARNING:  This post most definitely includes spoilers.  

Okay, so we were a bit off with our predictions (see here); however, that’s because I really thought they were going to wrap up the prison/Governor storyline in this finale — which had the overwhelming potential to feel quite rushed.  Clearly, the prison (and its residents) lives on — as does the Governor and his rage.

While browsing social media, I see that folks are pretty split on how they felt about this finale.  At first I was bit a disappointed because I wanted the big bad, bloody battle (like everyone else); but now, after digesting last night’s events in full, I have to say — I am a bit stoked.  Below are my thoughts from the episode.

Andrea.  Oh, Andrea.  I really thought you were going to make it.  After all, (COMIC SPOILER) you are still alive in the comic, and you’re pretty darn important.  Your TV story was a far cry from the Robert Kirkman Andrea I grew to love.  So, I get it.  After this season, there just wasn’t a place for you anymore.  You had run your course.  At least you went out kind of redeeming yourself – with your little ‘no death’ speech.  Seriously though, couldn’t you have hurried a bit more to get those pliers?  I think so.  Poor, poor Milton.

Damn, Carl! (I love that this phrase was trending on Twitter last night) We’re seeing a dark Carl here.  A little creepy, sure.  But admit it — you can’t blame him, can you?  Okay, this kid soldier (Jody, I think?) was definitely fleeing the scene and was going to surrender his weapon… but Carl sees things pretty clear.  There’s absolutely no flinching and he shoots him.  DAMN, CARL!  Yes, my jaw dropped, but when Carl explained his actions to his dad, he had a point.  A Governor-esque point?  Maybe; but it still made sense.  Remember when Carl was that useless little boy from the first season?    

The GovernorDamn, Governor! We knew he was evil — but he definitely brought it to a whole other level here.  I’m glad he wasn’t wiped out in the last two minutes because there’s clearly more story to tell.

Sounds like…. Dawn of the Dead?  Having just watched Dawn of the Dead (’78) on Saturday, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities (if not, obvious rip-off) between DotD’s score and the storming-the-prison music.  Did anyone else catch this?  It has to be a clear reference.  It’s the same thump-thump heartbeat.  I believe it’s also what TWD played during the cat-and-mouse episode, “Prey.”

Season Four.  See, this is where I get excited.  (No comics spoilers here.)  While I enjoyed the better part of season three, I couldn’t help but think  they weren’t working with some of the amazing plot points from the comic (during this prison/Governor arc).  Big, BIG things happen to so many characters.  And now they left that door very wide to explore those things.

And the Governor is still out there… with some confused henchmen.  Until we see them again, there’s this (which is pretty fantastic):

The Walking Dead Cast - Candid

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  1. I was practically cheering @ Carl’s actions and sentiments in last night’s episode. As far as I’m concerned they are justified for a myriad of reasons: Like father, like son / Hardened child of the Apocalypse / If you aggressively tell a member of an enemy faction in said Apocalypse to drop their weapon, and they instead slowly approach you with weapon still in hand, you shoot them. That simple.

    And Rick knows it.

    • Jacob — Carl’s grown up so much, it’s like a perfect evolution of what this world creates. He’s simply adapted in a way the adults cannot. Do you read the comics at all?

      • That is exactly what I said– 13 year old kids in 2013 are Internet geniuses in ways we can only imagine. Liken that to spending your developmental years surrounding by zombies and there you have it.

        I haven’t actually read the comics at all. I’d like to, but I’m afraid of confusing myself with the plot variations.

      • Surrounded* !

  2. Oh, I get that. I’ll admit, I’m a comic snob — because I like being ‘in the know’ with the plot and characters. Having said that, sometimes I wish I didn’t read the comics because I have a hard time separating the two entities. In truth, the two can be quite different.

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