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Our Non-Horror Holiday List

It’s December and we (you and me and us collectively) love horror. That means we watch Gremlins, Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Jack Frost and all the others. The iconoclast in me, though, doesn’t want to give you a list of Christmas movies that contains all the same 5 or 10 that every other site will list. To that end, Bloody Popcorn presents The Top Five Quintessential Sentimental Holiday Films.

#5 The Family Stone (2005)


A fun 2005 Sarah Jessica Parker comedy/romance/drama type thing.  And it co-stars a bunch of other people, including: Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Luke Wilson and Claire Danes. So, there you go.

#4 One Magic Christmas (1985)

one magic christmas

A sappy-as-hell 1985 affair starring Mary Steenburgen that involves angels, miracles, forgiveness and everything else in the Holiday Handbook. Misty-eyed Christmas fun.

#3 Love Actually (2003)


This was a movie I never knew I wanted to see until Joanna popped it in one December night a couple years ago. Now it’s a Christmas favorite and a tradition at our house. Great cast, rounded out by one Mr. Rick Grimes.

#2 Bad Santa (2003)


You think this movie is not sentimental? It’s got more heart than most yuletide flicks I’ve seen. And look at that… 

#1 A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)


The 1987 TV special featuring The Muppets, the gang from Sesame Street and the Fraggles. There is nothing more fun to watch in December, and Jim Henson’s cameo at the end gets me teary eyed every year.

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