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Christmas Commercials from My Childhood

As a VCR-owning family from the 80s, we would tape a lot of TV. This included some kick-ass holiday specials (i.e. Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas SpecialA Garfield Christmas SpecialThe Simpsons holiday episodes, TV movies, etc).  Through my childhood and into my college years, one of my favorite traditions was to watch said Christmas specials with the original Christmas commercials. Of course, the commercials became the best part. While I now own all of these specials on DVD and/or Blu-ray, I can’t help but miss the blurry, scratchy, often underwater sound of the commercials. Thanks to YouTube and the effort put in by likeminded nostalgia seekers, today we honor a handful these commercials.


Somehow I feel like 80s M&Ms tasted better…

McDonald’s… THE place to be in the 80s.

I want the cordless phone… (Radio Shack)

While this isn’t specifically Christmas, it screams Christmas to me (as it was on one of our holiday tapes). Plus — CREEPY alien (Campbell’s Soup).

Ah, the 80s were so magical for a kid and cookies. (Oreo’s)

Take a sip of coffee, shed a tear — Peter’s home! (Folger’s Coffee)

“Tis the season to be sharing, Fred!” (Fruity Pebbles)

Thank you, 7up for providing me with a lasting vision of what elves should look like.

Ah, this one still eludes me. I’d watch this TV spot in wonder — I never saw the movie and now it’s out of print and ridiculously expensive to purchase. Will I ever get to see Dolly Parton save Christmas for a bunch of orphans?!

Bonus McDonald’s commercial! (Only because it features ‘holiday huggable’ Muppet babies!)

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