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‘Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Prediction: We need to talk (updated)

I’m super thankful that my gut-wrenching prediction DID NOT happen. See my notes below.

I have a horrible, horrible feeling regarding the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. Thanks to Norman Reedus (see below), we all know something tragic is going to happen. Someone will die–it’s just matter of figuring out who it is (or waiting until it airs, if that’s your thing).

So, let’s get down to business. I have three likely culprits. Warning–potential SPOILERS if you have not seen the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

Beth-Greene-Smiles-at-End-of-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Epsode-4-Slabtown-141504102211. Beth (WINNER)
This is the one I (and most of TWD fans) would be okay with. Yes, it’s kind of nice seeing Beth come into her own. She’s gotten a little feisty, a little clever. But, really, it’s Beth. She probably should have been gone a few season back. Good for her for getting this far in the game. THIS also suggests it’s Beth–but it’s a few weeks old, and times, they are a’changing. With that said, Beth could get a decent death. She could go out a hero–saving Carol; and/or sacrificing herself for the greater good. From what I gather, TWD crew enjoys giving their characters meaningful or important deaths.

Note: I felt pretty impartial toward Beth in the end. While I can appreciate her development, I think I wrote her off as an expendable, throwaway character too soon. I think we all can agree that she lasted a lot longer than expected. With all that said, her death was heart-wrenching. It was shocking, quick — and sad. For a while the joke was “Why isn’t Maggie looking for Beth, her SISTER?” I am going to assume that this was Maggie’s method for dealing with the situation. She assumed she was dead — therefore, she didn’t want to deal with the hope that she could be alive. So, when she discovers that Beth IS in fact alive — only to see her lifeless body in the end, that just made it all the more terrible. Beth died twice for Maggie. I suspect she’s going to be pretty broken in the second half of this season.

2. Carol
Prior to last night’s episode, I seriously thought Carol would be the one going. She’s been amazing this season…. BUT they can’t kill her off in her condition. Carol needs to go out fighting. Right now, she’s half-dead–and I don’t see her making a crazy recovery in the time allotted. Besides, why would they have Beth so involved in saving Carol–if they were just going to kill her off in the end. I think Carol might stick around for a bit longer.

This all leads me to my last prediction–and the one I think will actually happen.

Season_five_judith_grimes3. Judith
It’s all about misdirection. Right now, we’re so focused on Beth, Carol and the hospital, but what about the small church group? In those few Church scene moments last night, Judith was crying. A lot. And then Father Gabriel (damn him!) flees the building via the church floor boards. So, here’s my theory: Rick & co will storm the hospital. They will save Carol–and maybe Beth. It’ll be intense. They will return to the church to find the mayhem aftermath. While the church is boarded up from the outside, Judith’s cries will eventually lure the walkers to enter from below–to Father Gabriel’s hole in the floor. Michonne and Carl will fight off what they can and they will survive. But, Judith? She’ll be that heart-wrenching casualty.

Note: Judith lives to see another day! I’m now thinking they really CAN’T kill Judith. It’d be too much. 

My thoughts on the subject?
Should this scenario occur, I am going to have a really hard time digesting this one. If Judith were to die, she should have gone 1)at birth with Lori, or 2)during season 4’s mid-season finale (when we saw the bloody car seat). Her death will destroy Rick (and Carl…and Daryl… and Carol…and everyone). Sure, it’s ridiculous trying to care for a baby in the zombie apocalypse, but they’ve brought her this far. Maybe she should have died; however, THIS will fuck with my emotions. Disclaimer: I am a mother of two (a three-year-old and a four-month-old). It hits home. It’s funny how tastes can change when you have kids.

P.S. I hope I’m wrong.

Note: I was!

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  1. Your “Judith” scenario is so plausible that it makes me want to hire a woman to come over there and kick you in the butt for even making me consider it 🙂

    Another possibility is Tyrese, because it would fit with the show’s M.O. of killing off the voice of compassion right in the middle of an arc where it’s needed the most. (Plus, let’s be honest, it would whittle the number of black men down to one, which appears to be all the show can handle for more than a few episodes.)

    All that being said, it’s probably Beth.

    • HA! I’m glad I’m making you consider it! With that said, I do hope I am wrong. I just have a bad feeling about it — like they are setting it up for something. Judith’s crying was very intentional. And at this point, I feel like Beth might be too obvious. Maybe not…?

  2. 4. Sasha-
    It would be weird to kill her off right after bob, but she’s kinda useless plot wise. Poor Tyrese.

    5. Someone from Abrahams group- the fodder here are Tara, Rosita, and now Eugene. Now that rosita got lines AND. A sex scene, is she unkillable? Do they even make it back to the ATL showdown?

    Honorable mention:
    It is certain father Gabriel will be looking at the flowers real soon.

    • *IF* they stick to the source material, then–SPOILER–the only one from Abraham’s group to go would be Tara. And, really, she’s pretty useless at this point. Father Gabriel would be safe, too. I agree with Sasha–she is also useless at this point, but it would be weird for her to die so soon after Bob.

  3. Personally, I hope that whomever dies, the show does so in a way that’s honest, and doesn’t feel manipulative. Meaning, I hope it’s because the show feels as if these characters have ran their course, and not because they want to spice things up a bit and take away the one things that most fans look forward to seeing every weekend. Nice post!

    • I agree! They typically go out in an important way–at least the main characters. This is why I feel that Judith’s death would be senseless. It would be an accident–they would have nothing to really avenge in the end. It would just hurt everyone.

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