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Six Comics I Want Back!

SIX COMICS I WANT BACK! LastĀ month saw the return of a comic character I never thought Iā€™d see again: Grizzly Shark. Back in 2010, Image published a 48-page black-and-white one-shot called Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark (they got mixed up!). Ryan Ottley did Grizzly Shark and Jason Howard did Sea Bear. And a couple Wednesdays… Read More ›

First Impressions: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

We watched the Fear the Walking DeadĀ premiere last night and — truth be told — it was exactly what I thought it would be. Maybe even a little better considering the mixed reactions the show’s been getting. For those complaining that there wasn’t enough “action,” I beg to differ. It was book-ended with your zombie… Read More ›

‘Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Prediction: We need to talk (updated)

I’m super thankful that my gut-wrenching prediction DID NOT happen. See my notes below. I have a horrible, horrible feeling regarding the mid-season finale forĀ The Walking Dead. Thanks to Norman Reedus (see below), we all know something tragic is going to happen. Someone will die–it’s just matter of figuring out who it is (or waiting… Read More ›

‘The Walking Dead’ — Season 4 Finale Predictions

While we wait — DAYS — to view the finale, it’s fun to speculate on what’s to come for our dear friends and foes on “The Walking Dead.” Ā I started this conversation on FacebookĀ earlier this week, but I just wanted to expand upon it a little here. Ā Here we go. Warning — POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD… Read More ›

Comic Review: The Other Dead

By 2013, the living dead and the walkiā€¦you know, zombies, are a pretty well tread sub-genre. There arenā€™t many novel concepts for flesheaters and brain munchers in the 21st century, but as long as interesting stories involving these ghouls are still kicking around in writersā€™ soon-to-be-chomped-on heads, well then thatā€™s okay. The Other Dead, written… Read More ›