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First Impressions: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

We watched the Fear the Walking Dead premiere last night and — truth be told — it was exactly what I thought it would be. Maybe even a little better considering the mixed reactions the show’s been getting.

For those complaining that there wasn’t enough “action,” I beg to differ. It was book-ended with your zombie attacks, with some filler thrown in to keep us “aware” (i.e. kids missing school; the traffic incident). But, really, the show isn’t about the apocalypse, it’s about the beginning of the end. It’s going to be a slow(er) burn — because it’s about the unraveling, the deconstruction of civilization. It’s not going to happen overnight — but considering that we know exactly where this is headed, we know it’s not going to be a pretty path.



Then again — maybe we don’t know where this is headed? For all we know, the west coast could be surviving a lot better (or worse, if there is such a thing) than the south/east coast. We know one very small segment of the population in this universe; so, it’s going to be interesting (I think … I hope) to see a different perspective, a different way of dealing.

Another notion we rarely (never?) see in a zombie post-apocalyptic setting: the actual destruction of society. How long is the process? What happens to the government? The President? When is trying to maintain order too much of a task and martial law/no law is declared? These are the things I am curious about — and I hope we get to see them on Fear the Walking Dead.

Of course, there are also some things I wouldn’t mind not seeing during this pre-apocalyptic time. If you think we see a lot of death on The Walking Dead, I can only imagine what the death toll will be like on FTWD.  It’s simple math, folks — there are a lot more warm bodies at the beginning of Armageddon than there are during its aftermath. And some of those casualties — ahem, the kids/babies — might be a bit too much too handle. (DISCLAIMER: Life changes when you have little ones.) What’s more — I never like thinking about families having to leave pets during an apocalypse. Yeah, I’ve thought about it — does that make me weird?!

fear-the-walking-deadFavorite Part: Nick (Frank Dillane, AKA Tom Riddle). Whether he’s wearing a weird open-faced, half-shirt cardigan, or some clothes he stole from a dying old man, Nick is manic and honest — even if he is a drug addict. He’s witnessed the zombie carnage (by the alleged patient zero), killed his dealer/friend, and then admitted to it. He’s all over the place — but in a good way. Let’s just hope he stays clean.

And, for the record, the show’s title still sucks.


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  1. This has me excited for when it comes to the UK. And I’ve also thought about what I’d do with my pets if the zombies arrive (I’m gunna be putting my cats on leads and they’ll put up with it whether they like it or not!) I’m pretty sure my dogs are smart enough to keep up with us hehe xoxo

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