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31 Days of Halloween

Here we count down the 31 days of Halloween. ¬†A special Halloween-themed movie for each day of October. ¬†Some staples. ¬†Some randoms. ¬†Check our Facebook page for daily posts. ¬†And so we begin… (IN NO ORDER) #1: The Fear: Resurrection (1999) Bear with me; it‚Äôs been a few years. The first Halloween that Joanna and… Read More ›

Review: “The Following” (so far)

Because horror-on-TV is the new trend (thanks to “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story”), there’s quite a bit I’d like to check out these days (i.e.¬†“Hannibal” and “Bates Motel”). ¬†But, somehow it’s “The Following”¬†that has managed to slip into our busy viewing schedule. ¬†And after 13 episodes, I think it’s stuck there for a… Read More ›

The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Wrap-Up

WARNING: ¬†This post most definitely includes spoilers. ¬† Okay, so we were a bit off with our predictions (see here); however, that’s because I really thought they were going to wrap up the prison/Governor storyline in this finale — which had the overwhelming potential to feel quite rushed. ¬†Clearly, the prison (and its residents) lives… Read More ›

The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Predictions

WARNING: ¬†This post most definitely includes spoilers. ¬† Season three of “The Walking Dead”¬†¬†has been tumultuous. ¬†We’ve lost (T-Dog, Lori). ¬†We’ve gained (Michonne, Tyreese). ¬†And we’ve all hated Andrea. This Sunday (March 31), the fate of our beloved prisoners and Woodbury residents will be¬†revealed. ¬†It’s public knowledge that 27 people will be offed in the… Read More ›