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Halloween 2016: Can we start already?

FACT: August signifies the (almost) end of summer. Back to school. Gel pens, Star Wars backpacks, and apple stationary. Last-minute vacations or day-trips to the beach. And the bikinis and floppy hats go on sale. So, do you cling to summer dreams and hot-weather wear? Do you cautiously embrace the small traces of impending seasonal… Read More ›

Podcast: Episode 5

Hey, look at that — today we released our 5th episode of the podcast! Five episodes. I can’t lie, it feels good. Thank you to all who have tuned in to listen to us jabber about movies, conventions, our kids, etc. And in this week’s show, we¬†celebrated my¬†33rd birthday by discussing a variety of movies… Read More ›

Why ‘Love Actually’ is the Best Halloween Movie Ever Made

It‚Äôs the day before Halloween! So why the hell am I talking about Christmas movies? Well, today is the eight-year anniversary of when Joanna and I got engaged. And that was the day before Halloween! And we met two years before that. At a Halloween party (I in my Freddy glove, she in her Miss… Read More ›

First Impressions: ‘Scream Queens’

Before diving into¬†Scream Queens, let me just say that we have a spotty past with Ryan Murphy. The first few seasons of¬†Glee¬†were actually pretty delightful. And, as of right now, we’re 50/50 with¬†American Horror Story¬†— seasons one and three were good (although¬†Coven‘s ending was incredibly disappointing); we watched only three episodes of¬†Asylum¬†before falling off;¬†and¬†then there’s¬†Freakshow,… Read More ›

Franchise Friday Returns May 22!

TV season is winding down–and you know what this means, right? MORE MOVIES. With a couple of kids and a husband that likes to fall asleep at 9:00 pm, it seems we’re always trying to play catch up on TV–thus,¬†movies are frequently pushed to the back burner. But now… it can be full-time movie watching… Read More ›

The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Wrap-Up

WARNING: ¬†This post most definitely includes spoilers. ¬† Okay, so we were a bit off with our predictions (see here); however, that’s because I really thought they were going to wrap up the prison/Governor storyline in this finale — which had the overwhelming potential to feel quite rushed. ¬†Clearly, the prison (and its residents) lives… Read More ›

The Walking Dead — Season 3 Finale Predictions

WARNING: ¬†This post most definitely includes spoilers. ¬† Season three of “The Walking Dead”¬†¬†has been tumultuous. ¬†We’ve lost (T-Dog, Lori). ¬†We’ve gained (Michonne, Tyreese). ¬†And we’ve all hated Andrea. This Sunday (March 31), the fate of our beloved prisoners and Woodbury residents will be¬†revealed. ¬†It’s public knowledge that 27 people will be offed in the… Read More ›